Staff and Individual Awards and Honors

  • 2019 Best General Contractors in Las Vegas (Ranked 4th) by General Contractor Magazine

  • 2017 Builder of Excellence (TV Show)

  • Selected as Builder of the Las Vegas Historical Showcase Home

  • Pinnacle Award for Design

  • Habitat for Humanity – Construction Participant (Framing)

  • Aurora for Model Home Merchandising

  • National Sales & Marketing Gold & Platinum Awards



Decades of Experience


The idea for Meridias Realty Group occurred as several socio-economic paths collided “post-recession” creating the perfect storm for Designing, Building and providing extremely high-quality Residential Products, Sales & Marketing.

Through decades of experience and leveraging some of the most valuable human resources within our marketplace we have built what we feel is the most complete organization within our industry. A Brokerage Company that represents both Buyers & Sellers, and a Building Company that Cost Analyzes & Value Engineers based on “Live-Time” intrinsic and organic data.

Meridias Realty Group can execute faster and better than our competition as we utilize our own “in-house” Construction Management, Technology and Proprietary “Critical Path” Processes harvested literally as a by-product from the triage of commerce that comes from nearly $100M of annual sales & services provided by our company.

We are experts in Purchasing, Renovation, New Construction and the latest Trends within the Field of Interior Design. Furthermore, we utilize our own Proprietary Research Processes & Data to Identify, Acquire and Develop original housing product both internally and for investment groups.

Our founders have collectively capitalized on the Las Vegas Market for over 30 years in all aspects of Residential & Commercial Real Estate Development. Additionally, we have maximized profits “before, during & after” the volatile swings of past recessionary periods. This level of operational performance and stewardship is possible because we‘ve built a strong culture of recruiting and retaining the highest caliber professionals and strategic partners our market has to offer, both in the fields of construction and real estate.

Always a Better Way

The basic theory of Meridias Realty Group is that there is always a better way than the status quo. In a world of disposable products we’ve chosen a more traditional path of extreme quality and an even higher standard of ethics in both the projects and people with which we choose to associate. From this standard we are able to draw exceptional talent and a level professionalism within ventures that improve our industry, environment and quality of life for everyone.
As principles, we feel it is incumbent upon us to challenge our employees and associates while providing opportunities that other firms of our size and scope simply cannot provide. This approach tends to draw and retain the best talent available within a given marketplace. It also tends to draw the highest caliber clients and projects.
In our service capacity our goal is to always leave our clients and associates better than how we found them, and with our housing products our goal is to break the mold when it comes to Design, Quality, Fit & Finish. We do not aspire to be the largest under our boutique model. We do, however; aspire to be the very best!