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The Impetus for Lot #2 at Carmenérè

Dec 3 2018

Years in the Making” By Michael G. Hutchings, Level Development Group LLC With nearly 5,000 acres either under development or complete, Lake Las Vegas has long been a world-class development. The Great Recession took its toll on everything, and Lake Las Vegas was no exception. However, the past few years have seen a Renaissance at… Read more »

Teams in Residential RE

Apr 6 2017

I vividly remember, the very first time I heard a young Real Estate Agent refer to the Team Concept in Residential (Resi) Real Estate. It was 1997, I was living in Atlanta just after the ’96 Olympic Games and was serving as the General Sales Manager of Georgia for Pulte Home Corporation. At 31, I was doing… Read more »

Top 10 reasons to buy in Green Valley Ranch by Custom Home Life

Apr 1 2017

Top 10 reasons to buy in Green Valley Ranch by Custom Home Life: Before the market crashed there was a plethora of locations that Realtors® touted as the next best place to live in Las Vegas. In fact, even a home in North Las Vegas; a city that barely survived the recession as a municipality looked… Read more »

Recruiting vs. Retention in Resi Real Estate

Mar 15 2017

The Human Being Rental Business The world of general real estate is to a large degree in the Human Being Rental Business. As one of my agents once stated, “Residential Real Estate has to be one of the lowest bars of entry for any profession or small business on earth.” Let’s face it, someone can… Read more »

Confessions of a Remodeler: Part One – The Shows

Mar 1 2017

Part One: Confessions of a Remodeler – The Builder Shows   Well, I can’t say I am completely against the format when it comes to Builder Shows, because I actually did one myself almost fifteen years ago when I launched “Around Your Home” a locally broadcast Home Show on the old WB Channel. However, we… Read more »

MAD Maxx – The Home of the Future

Feb 1 2017

  Architectural Rendering of MAD Maxx ProtoType I w/2 Car Garage & Yoga Studio   MAD Maxx – Modern Architectural Design to the Maximum – Part I Press Release: One Builder’s Story… The original MAD Max “concept home” quickly grew into a business model that, “I believe” is the future of housing in the United States… Read more »

Top 3 Most Economically Lethal Threats to Las Vegas

Jan 15 2017

Top 3 Most Economically Lethal Threats to Las Vegas by Michael G. Hutchings Las Vegas has dropped quite few levels since being dubbed the “1st Great City of the Millennium” in the year 2000. It was said that Sin City showed more potential for growth and quality of life than any other major municipality on… Read more »

Seven Critical Home Design Elements

Dec 7 2016

  Here are Seven (7) Design & Structural Elements everyone should have in a residential property to establish the proverbial “good bones” status. This is basically a short of list of Seven (7) Features that are tough to get around when it comes to making excuses for quality and are very hard to mitigate or… Read more »

2 Factors “raising” Las Vegas Housing Prices

Nov 15 2016

Two major factors that could cause Las Vegas Residential Real Estate prices to jump even higher next year are, 1) an Influx of Foreign Buyers, namely Chinese Nationals, and 2) a Lack of Housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is no secret that the buying power of the Chinese can have a major… Read more »

Top 5 Ways Custom Home Life Creates Value

Oct 15 2016

Written by Michael G. Hutchings, Broker/Builder The driving premise behind our firm Custom Home Life, is to focus on Prime Real Estate “Zones” where together we create optimal “legacy-style” residential opportunities. In other words, we find properties that are worth more tomorrow than they were today. Long-term for us is a matter of months when… Read more »

Las Vegas Housing to Reach $500 Per Square Foot

Aug 15 2016

Five Hundred Dollars per square foot, plus. That is the direction we are moving in the Extreme Luxury Segment in Las Vegas (on average) in the not too distant future. And, it is moving with more velocity than it did during the last “hyper-boom”. Combine the momentum of Plutocratic Economics, meaning the fabulously rich becoming… Read more »

Custom Home Life: Defined

Jul 15 2016

Custom Home Life: Defined   Since forming our new “brand” Custom Home Life earlier this year, through a merger of several organizations; there has been a great deal of positive discussion both within our company and by our customers as to what the name really means. In essence, it is an iteration of a near… Read more »