Custom Home Life: Defined

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Since forming our new “brand” Custom Home Life earlier this year, through a merger of several organizations; there has been a great deal of positive discussion both within our company and by our customers as to what the name really means. In essence, it is an iteration of a near twenty year process of bringing together all that we do in the housing industry, which has been a long history of Real Estate, Home Building & Remodeling.

We struggled for years with being able to fully define and articulate every service we offered through several separately licensed companies. We already owned a Top Real Estate Brokerage named Meridias Realty Group. We then formed a Licensed & Bonded General Contracting firm to build high-end custom homes, appropriately named Meridias Custom Homes.

Then along came the Great Recession in late 2007 slowing down real estate sales and decreasing custom home building to literally a crawl. Through that market correction a niche market presented itself and we started a new profit center called Meridias Construction Services concentrating on abandoned and foreclosed homes. Or, in simply renovating homes that needed work as there was no new construction in our market for the better part of five years and seemingly everyone was buying fixer-uppers to either flip or live-in themselves.

Once the dust settled and the markets stabilized we thought we should come up with a name that fully embodied everything we do. Which to a large degree is almost anything you can think of that may be related to residential real estate and the construction industries.

Finally, the name had to be an acknowledgment that every home is “custom” when it is viewed from the eyes of our customers. And, to us one of the most important and grounding elements in our lives are our homes. So, the name or reference to a Custom Home Life seemed to fit the bill for everyone: Our Clients, Our Agents and Our Hundreds of Vendors.

Additionally, we have recently introduced our new website and we are producing a radio show that starts its second season after the first of the year, by the same name. Again, all homes are customized once we are finished with them and they are a major part of your life and ours. Please keep that in mind if you are considering a sale or purchase or if we can help either build your new custom home from scratch or remodel and update the one you already own.

We’ve been at it long Before, During & After the last big housing cycle, just under the original Meridias moniker which we have still left traces of in our new logo so that we can pay homage to our illustrious past.

Now, one name does it all, for us and for you! And we have become a much more efficient operation by assembling everything under one roof, as well.

We sincerely hope our one new name says it all from your prospective, as well.


Michael G. Hutchings, CEO