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We continuously strive to partner with venture capital desiring high yield real estate investments within the luxury custom home sector of the greater Las Vegas market. Significant demand has been re-established in this housing segment which is recognized for unique attributes of privacy & security, views, home & lot size, and neighborhood settings. The complex building system, market savvy, and capital requirements limit competition for the development of modern, high-end housing and has created a lucrative investment opportunity.

After a lifetime in the home building Industry, we have “cracked the code” and founded Meridias Realty Group, a model organization to exploit all aspects of residential design, real estate, and custom building. We are utilizing our new brand to assemble a state-of-the-art multi-media platform to reach our targeted consumer group which includes fee-for-service clients and business-to-business capital investment. Given our team’s successful track record, we are ideally positioned to capitalize on every element of the luxury custom home building process from site acquisition, complete design/build, and sales & marketing to bring world-class projects from concept to fruition.

Our recently completed luxury custom design/build projects are immediately realizing in excess of 30% equity creation in an industry with local market capitalization of approximately $500 million per year. This value trend and consumer demand will continue for the next several years whether or not another road, school or casino is built. It is this reason we intuitively recognize that speculation is the natural progression of our company growth and is the driving force of our efforts to immediately amass investment capital.