Top 10 reasons to buy in Green Valley Ranch by Custom Home Life

district-green-valley-ranch-593Top 10 reasons to buy in Green Valley Ranch by Custom Home Life:

Before the market crashed there was a plethora of locations that Realtors® touted as the next best place to live in Las Vegas. In fact, even a home in North Las Vegas; a city that barely survived the recession as a municipality looked like a bargain at the half a million dollar mark just before the crash ensued.

However, as time passes and the wounds of the recession begin to heal the age old real estate adage “Location, Location, Location”  has never rung more true than in 2015. Thus, the Green Valley Ranch Master-Plan may be the best over-all bargain in our market today. And, here’s why…

  1. Located in Henderson, Nevada which is listed as the 5th Safest City in America based on a ratio of police officers per citizen and crimes per 1,000 inhabitants.
  2. Offers “the best” Public Schools in the Great State of Nevada, with Vanderburg Elementary not only ranked the #1 Elementary School in the State; it is also honored nationally as a prestigious Blue Ribbon School.
  3. Quick Access to the relatively new 215 Expressway from multiple on ramps. Meaning, Airport or Strip in 10 minutes or less.
  4. Incredible Shopping at The District and on a more commercial level along the Eastern Corridor. Everything from Cafes, Whole Foods on up to Haute Couture.
  5. Mature Landscaping. Alright I will admit, most of what grows in the desert, like the Mesquite Tree for instance could be considered a weed anywhere else in North America. But, those desert trees are huge in GVR and literally provide full canopies over the streetscapes and there are even some diciduous trees with leaves that change color in the Fall.
  6. Awesome Parks, Wide Sidewalks, Entry Monuments and the Multi-Generational Center, as well; as the Amphitheater all within walking distance of most staple GVR communities.
  7. St. Rose Hospital and the new Dignity Health Corridor are shaping up not only if you are a patient but this is a huge employment center that keeps values hopping.
  8. No Vacant Lots left in the Master-Plan which started in the late 80’s. So whatever you buy and own is likely to go up because they aren’t building anymore new homes in GVR.
  9. Aside from its own Police Force it has its own Fire Department, Mayor & City Hall, Public Works, etc. And, unlike most municipalities it is aggressively growing and emerged from the recession with a budget surplus it utilizes to continue annexing and growing.
  10. Highest Per Capita income in the valley. The Westside has the “flash” but the Median Incomes in GVR are actually some of the highest in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area.

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