Top 5 Ways Custom Home Life Creates Value

LIVING ROOM_A-001Written by Michael G. Hutchings, Broker/Builder

The driving premise behind our firm Custom Home Life, is to focus on Prime Real Estate “Zones” where together we create optimal “legacy-style” residential opportunities.

In other words, we find properties that are worth more tomorrow than they were today. Long-term for us is a matter of months when it comes to positive values and sales prices. Because we know how to build instantaneous equity.

We recently brokered a multi-million dollar sale in one of the best communities in town, whereby we were able to negotiate almost a million dollars off of the listed price. We then used that savings to remodel the home and the net effect was almost a million and half in equity over and above the purchase price and the new improvements.

So, how do we create value in an already prime location or neighborhood?


Here are the Top 5 ways Custom Home Life can pull equity out of the atmosphere…

  1. Timing – No matter how incredible an existing home or community already is, someone is selling – So, timing is everything. We are very active in the geographic farms where the best properties are located. I have been actively selling in MacDonald Highlands, Lake Las Vegas Resort, Southern Highlands & The Ridges since the day these communities started. Therefore, we have comparable data Since Day 1. We literally know the Owners, the History and where these properties are in every cycle of the market since the Architects & Land Planners laid-out the original Site Plans. So, timing is everything but you need to understand timing relative to the complete history of a project.
  2. We Design/Build because we are Licensed General Contractors with a 20+ year history of Custom Home Design & Development. So, if you don’t like what you see with regard to existing homes in one of these prime master-plans. We can find you one of the remaining finished lots and build a brand new home for you from start to finish. And, we often do!
  3. We Re-Design and Renovate. If, you don’t like what you see on the Re-Sale Market and don’t want to take the time to build we have completed dozens of high-end renovations bringing homes up to modern levels and creating millions of dollars in equity in the process.
  4. We work within insular markets of internal clients, trades and our databases. All of which we offer to you once you become one of our clients! In short, we have our own In-House Database of everything. So, when it comes to renovation or selling we generally collaborate with someone we already know. Which is much faster and less of a process than the traditional systems. Almost 40 years in this market by our owners really pays off. Especially in such a transient market.
  5. We utilize Proprietary Data to assist our clients in making smart buying or construction decisions. We have multiple licenses that cover an array of disciplines and we understand Custom Homes from the ground-up. Therefore, we know a good value when we see one and we can quantify our opinions. We also know a problem when we see one, as well. Often times our advice to our clients is to pass. Check-out our company Bios at

Remember we are an actual Full Service Development Firm. We aren’t “just” Real Estate Brokers. So, we have in-house experts in the fields of Construction Management/Technology, Real Estate, Design & Finance.Therefore we take a little different approach with deeper insight than most are actually capable of executing.


Please contact us today to let us know how we can help you make an intelligent choice in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market.


Michael G. Hutchings